December 25, 2011

Quick Review: Attack the Block (2011)
I hate Chavs.

You know, the average young, dumb white kid who thinks he's Eminem, wears his pants around his ass, and talks like he was raised on the means streets of Compton, bruv?

Well, the annoying antics of the Chavs in Attack the Block were nearly enough to make me stop watching it... but I'm really glad that I didn't.

Attack the Block is all about a bunch of 12-year-old British Slim Shady wannabes who run around robbing innocent people because they're like a gang or something, bruv. Things get interesting though when a bunch of bad-ass looking alien dogs appear and start killing people. Naturally, it's up to the thugs to save "da block" from da alien invasion. Bruv.

He did not get enough of a head start.
This was a really fun movie. The aliens looked awesome, sort of like some Dark Matter-infused dogs with crazy eyes, and once they stopped being annoying, the kids were pretty cool and stood their ground like champs against them..

Champs, bruv.
If you like your Horror all full of Sci-Fi, then why haven't you seen this movie? If I had to compare ATB to another movie, it would have to be something along the lines of Tremors meets Battle:LA. Great Britain has been turning out some great genre flicks as of late, and this one might be the one with the highest fun factor. Give 'er a spin, and enjoy.


Jodie Whittaker makes us swoon.

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