December 24, 2011

Quick Review: Red Riding Hood (2011)
Amanda Seyfried's boobs. That's all we really liked about this movie, although to be fair, it wasn't truly "Bad." 

Red Riding Hood is another Twilight-inspired love fest for Tweens, in which a cute, big-tittied girl loves a mysterious and brooding outcast... yeah. Their love is forbidden, so they plan to run away together and love each other desperately for all of time. Then, the town Werewolf starts killing people... 

The plot is lame, unless you like that schmaltzy Tween romance crap. The movie does look really good though, and boasts not only Seyfried's tittahs, but the ever-awesome Gary Oldman. What he was doing in this movie, we'll never know, but he was interesting to watch as always, even in the midst of such a blah story. 

Had this movie had a bit more bite, it could have been something special.   

That looks like an evil high-five.
People stare off into the distance a lot in this movie.
Yep. Lotta staring.
If you like Twilight, perfect boobs, or Gary Oldman, you may find something redeeming about this movie. If you hate any of the above, skip it. If you have a mixture of love and hate for the above, then watch it, and maybe just fast forward a lot.


We truly appreciate Amanda Seyfreid's assets. All both of them.

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