December 26, 2011

Quick Review: Apollo 18 (2011)
From the first time we saw the trailer for this one, it absolutely piqued our interest. A Found Footage flick based on the moon landing... it just has to be interesting, right?

In this one, we the audience are treated to a viewing of decades old NASA footage that was never revealed to the general public until now; footage which shows us exactly why we never returned to the moon. *Monsters. Monsters are why.

This one is slow, fairly uneventful, the characters did some things that made little sense, and the Found Footage aspect of it all felt forced. It had a few tense moments, but that doesn't excuse the rest for being so dull. We get to see the "Moon Menace" for about 10 seconds, and once we do, we remember why bad CGI is so... well, bad. And that frigging ending...

A random fan out there on the Internets said it best: "In space, no one can hear you yawn." Indeed.

Just stop.
This one could have been better if the script had been tighter and contained some actual Horror, but as it stands, Apollo 18 was a pretty big letdown. Lots of people seemed to have liked it, and that's cool, because it wasn't truly horrible, it just kinda sucked. It needed a bit more spice. We love a subtle, slow burn, but this one just didn't burn quite hot enough for us.

What is this?
At least the Astronaut's wives & girlfriends were hot.

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