December 26, 2011

Quick Review: The Woman (2011)
And here's the movie that caused such an uproar at Sundance this year; you remember, people were freaking out, passing out, and getting sick, all because it was just so emotionally draining on them? LOL, pussies.

The Woman is about a wild, feral, woods-dwelling woman, who is found and captured by some guy, locked in his barn, and kept there like a pet. A rape pet. You see, the guy who found her is an average ordinary rural Dad type, aside from the fact that he's a creepy sociopath who love rape and torture women... including the ones from his own family. Yeah, he's a sick twist.

I hope she gets free and kills them all!
People have called this movie misogynistic, and really, it's anything but. If anything, The Woman is about evil men getting what they deserve, and a strong woman giving it to them. Painfully. It's basically female empowerment. And yes, this movie is pretty violent and nasty. In that respect, I can see the pretentious whiners in the Sundance audience having a point.

Still, they're all pussies LOL.

This nasty motherfucker right here...
Rough, bloody, creepy and disturbingly graphic, Lucky McKee has crafted a solid little Horror flick for fans of the genre to both love and revile. I mean, how can we not love nipples being pulled off with pliers, and faces being chewed off out of pure rage? That's pretty much the stuff we live for. It does give us nightmares though.


The poor women in this movie had it rough. Looks like they came through it alright though...

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