December 23, 2011

Quick Review: Julia's Eyes (2011)
Produced by the uber-awesome Guillermo Del Toro, Julia's Eyes is an interesting little Thriller, that felt rather Giallo-ish at times.

It's the story of a woman who is slowly losing her eyesight who, after finding her twin sister swinging from a rope, is tormented by a mysterious "Invisible Man." So she's blind, he's invisible, and you can just imagine how much trouble that causes.

It's basically a cat-and-mouse guessing game of a movie, in which some mysterious man/woman with creepy motives has murdered one sister, and seems to really want to off the other one too.

Don't use hand gestures, asshole. She's blind!
Visually it's a great movie, very dark and shadowy, as any movie about failing eyesight should be, I guess. The only real issue we had with this one was that the plot got a bit over-complicated as it went on. Not that it was hard to follow or ridiculous, or anythng, but had the movie played things a bit more straight forward, it would have been better off for it.

Those visuals.
Those eyes.
That frigging scene!
What we have here is an interesting movie that manages to maintain a pretty decent level of tension and a creepy mood throughout, that loses a bit of its luster towards the end. It's entertaining enough though, and should satisfy most of you who decide to watch it. I just really wish the ending had been a bit better. Also, have you ever noticed that a lot of "Non-American" movies tend to end on a down note? I wonder why that is...


Muy Bonita.

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