December 24, 2011

Quick Review: Dream Home (2011)
Not to be confused with the above-mentioned Dream House, Dream Home is a bloody, gory, sex-filled, nasty little ride of a Horror flick, that even managed to tackle some tough Chinese social issues.

It also stars the hot as hell Josie Ho, who incidentally has the best name of all time for a hot chick.  

Dream Home is about a psychopathic hot chick (Ho), who has it in her mind that she needs to live in her dream home, even though she can't afford it at all. Being clever, she decides to start killing the neighbors in order to make the place undesirable and drive the price down, so that she can move herself in on the cheap.

And good luck evicting her once she's in, buddy.
This movie really get violent and bloody, as its creepy main character just goes around killing people like it's nothing. If you like your Asian Horror flicks on the nasty side of things, you will absolutely love this movie.

On an interesting side note, this movie is actually based on a true story. No kidding.

That girl is determined, we'll give her that.
Dream Home is a fun, creepy and messy movie. Josie Ho, aside from being hot, plays the psycho role rather well. You may even find yourself cheering her on, although she's in no way a heroine. We just wanted to see her get caught or killed, because she seemed so unstoppable. How does it end? Rent/Buy a copy and find out. You won't be sorry.


Josie Ho: Sexy Heiress.

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