December 25, 2011

Quick Review: Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)
Not as good as 2009's Laid to Rest, this sequel still delivers on the blood and gore that helped make the original into a cult hit.

The story here is basically the same as it was in the first one; the bloodthirsty ChromeSkull slices and dices his way through a bunch of sexy young people, because he's a Sociopath.

What makes this sequel a bit different however, is that it shows how ChromeSkull has a "team" of helpers in his corner. It all feels kinda Mercenary-like in a way.  

Brian Austin Greene and the ever-hot Danielle Harris are his main Chromies, and they're just about as twisted as he is. The blood flows very freely in this one. It's a gory, messy mess of a gory mess, and we're not exaggerating at all. It's worth seeing for the "spinning blade" scene alone. That was truly awesome.

Whassup Chromie?
You can't hide from David Silver!
Girl looks good in a suit.
If you like slasher flicks, this is a movie you'll most likely love. It's not as smooth and straightforward as its predecessor, and feels too over complicated at times, but in the end it delivers the crimson goodness, so all is forgiven. Also, it's always good to see Danielle Harris on screen, and she's especially cute and nasty in this one.


Chromeskull has all the hotties.

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