October 31, 2011

And so we say goodbye to October...

... and all of these creepy little bastards as well. 31 of the creepiest kids in horror movie history, that's what we have here. There's no Regan, no Damian. No Malachai, no Samara. You already know they're amazing, you don't need to be told that again. They obviously deserve love on any creepy kid list, but we wanted to dig deeper and find something other than the same 5 to 10 kids that seem to pop up on every creepy kids list available on line. They rock too, but they are only the beginning. There's always great stuff below the surface if you dig. We dug, and we found some greatness. Now, go experience them for yourselves.


  1. Good shit! I had a blast following your list this month. Added all kinds of little creepy bastard flicks to my list of things to watch.

  2. I came across your blog a week before Halloween when I was looking up horror films and have been following since.

    Now I have some movies you've listed that need watching.

  3. I came. I watched. And I came again. Great list.