October 5, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 5: The Baby (Baby Blood, 1990)

The Baby
This next one involves a fetus, which would have eventually become a child, but instead becomes a parasitic alien thing... It's the fetus part that's creepy though. *Keep in mind that this is a French Film, so a lot of it may contain unexplainable craziness. And nudity. Also, copious amounts of blood and some elements of rape. Rape-ish. It's kinda rapey.  

Baby Blood is the story of big-breasted, gap-toothed Yanka; a circus carny whore who is knocked up by her jerk carny boss. There's also a leopard that has a virus of some sort, which crawls into her vagina, and pretty much moves into her fetus likes it's an apartment or something. Yes, really. *The leopard doesn't crawl into her vagina, btw, the virus does.

She can feel that creepy little bastard making her tummy evil.
The fetus creature begins to talk to Yanka, telling her it needs fresh human blood to survive and come to term. If she won't help it feed, it will kill her from the inside. So, half-to-fully naked, Yanka lures horny dudes to their death with her fun pillows, and feeds her creepy baby thing. So it's not even born yet, and the kid is all bout murder and blackmail. Nice.

Fun pillows indeed.
Aside from the actual premise, what makes Baby Blood so creepy is the fact that the fetus monster is soft spoken, ruthless, and isn't afraid to kill anything. It quietly gives her evil instructions, threatens her, and even calls her Mom. The long standing rumor is that the evil baby's voice is provided by none other than Gary Oldman in the English language version. Debate that if you will, but we're convinced.

Look at that face... that baby is pinching a loaf.
Baby Blood is a nasty, gory, messy movie that manages to make us believe that a fetus can be evil. Fine, it's a fetus with an intelligent parasite residing inside of it, but it's still disturbing. Try to get a hold of the English dubbed version if you are planning on checking this out, because Oldman's voice adds a ton to the atmosphere.

Aww, it's shedding!

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