October 6, 2011

Here's one movie we won't be watching this Halloween season...

Like that's supposed to be scary! Ha!

*On a side note, what in the blue hell is Lance Henriksen doing in this? (You can see his name waaay up there in the credits.)


  1. What are you on about??That looks scary as a Manson family reunion.Just look at that creepy cat,I bet it possessed or something.

    However,it could just be my meds kicking in.Who knows?Right,she's started to scream again so I've got to go.If only they'd learn to rub the lotion in their skin.ah well......

  2. I'm always on about something mate, you know that by now LOL

    And never forget your meds... then you get sloppy and get caught, and days of lotion lessons are finished!