October 21, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 21: An Island full of murdering whelps (Who can Kill a Child?, 1976)

An Island full of Murdering Whelps
They cane and old man to death, string him up, and play "pinata" with his corpse, using a sickle; they attempt to undress and rape a newly dead woman; they stab, bludgeon, and shoot any adult that comes along, as long as it strikes their fancy; and they do all of this while giggling... these are the kids of Creepy-Fuck Island!

Creepy-Fuck Island is a real place. Google Maps FTW.
Basically, this movie is Children of the Corn in the Mediterranean. There's a hint of Supernatural shenanigans going on with the kids, but that's never really confirmed, so we can't say for sure whether the kids are possessed or just insane. What is explored is the fact that the kids of Creepy-Fuck Island have killed nearly all of its adults, and seem to think that it's all a crazy game.

"Rape the Dead Whore" and "Kill the Hobo" are very popular games with the kids. Also, Uno.
Maybe the creepiest part of the whole thing is the unborn baby that attacks it mom from inside of the womb, which basically confirms the whole supernatural theory that we had going on; I mean, what else can make a fetus kill it's Momma from the inside? It can't be that angry on its own.

"Ssh, ssh, just stop Mommy's heart and everything will be all better."
If you like the idea of a bunch of kids playing Children of the Corn on some beautiful Mediterranean Island, then this movie should please you. Also, if you like watching kids kill adults, this one is aces for that too. Also, if you like watching an adult shoot some little kids in the face, this movie delivers on that promise too.

It's pure 70's style creepiness, and you could do worse than to seek out this Hidden Gem of a flick and give it a go. You may want to kill your kids after watching it, but hey, we all take risks when it comes to our entertainment, right?


So smug, and at such a young age.

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  1. Mmm. Want girls 2 to 5 to do that to me