October 24, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 24: Grace (Grace, 2009)

The idea of a woman carrying her unborn child to term and enduring a stillborn birth is horrifying notion; I can't begin to imagine what that's like, and hope I never find out. Taking that horrific step further, I also can't imagine my stillborn baby somehow returning to life and needing blood to survive. Like a Ghoul.

Mmm, iron-filled sustenance.
That's what Grace is about; a baby that should be dead, but isn't, and who needs to consume a lot of blood to survive. Flies swarm her crib, probably because she's kind of a corpse; she smells foul, as if she were rotting; and she bites her mom's boobie when being nursed... then again she doesn't want milk, does she?

The Devil's Similac.
I guess it's bad enough that a dead baby comes back to life, goes cannibal, and ends up acting like a living Zombie if she doesn't get her daily feedings of blood, but at the point when she chews half of her Mom's tit off because "that's just how she rolls," I think I'd have to chuck it off of a cliff.

In all honesty, Mom's probably getting chucked off of a cliff too.
Grace is a movie that underwhelmed us at first; we had built it up so much in our minds before seeing it, that it couldn't have possibly lived up to the lofty expectations that we had for it. Still, for all of its faults, Grace really is a morbid and chilling movie, especially if babies scare you... and they should; babies are creepy, soulless little creepers, who fill their diapers with concentrated evil. Don't trust them.


We'd probably bite Jordan Ladd's tit too... just sayin'.

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