October 28, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 28: Lilith (Case 39, 2009)

Despite lots of people give this movie some unwarranted shit, it was actually pretty good. We're not the biggest fans of Pruneface (aka Renee Zellweger) here at THC, but she was alright in this.

Let's not forget Lilith either, because that creepy Demon Child is the real reason we're here.

Yep. That's the right idea.
Once again we have a Horror movie showing us that foster kids are evil, and should never be taken in or adopted. In this case, the foster kid is a Demon, so really, no one should want her. No wonder her parents tried to jam her in an oven and cook her to death... they knew!

When Pruneface takes her home, things start to get creepy, culminating in one freaky, intense scene involving a bedroom door. The kid nearly snaps it in half. Creeper.

How can you not want to take her home... and put her in the oven!?!
Case 39 is a decent little creepy kid flick, even though Renee Zellweger is in it. It's also interesting to note that cute little Jodelle Ferdland is milking the creepy kid thing for all it's worth; she's in all sorts of Horror flicks playing a creepy kid, and killing it every time. Even when she's not supposed to be creepy...

Good for you kid; you have plenty of time to be not creepy when you get older.


That's it. Kill the little bitch with a knife!

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