October 12, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 12: Sarah Parsons (Hurt, 2009)

Sarah Parsons
Hurt is not the greatest Horror movie in the world, though it does have its good moments. It also has a pretty evil kid doing some evil things, and for a pretty good reason; she wants to belong!

After Daddy dies, Mommy and her two kids are forced to move in with Tom Cruise's Cousin, way out in the desert. There's a foster girl named Sarah living with Uncle Cruise, and it turns out that she's an evil little trollop who wants everyone but her to die.

Do not turn your back on her!
Why can't evil little kids ever just talk to an adult and sort their problems out, you know? Sarah seems cute and sweet, and all she really wants is to belong, but how can you ever belong if you kill everyone you might end up belonging with?

Why do they always creep around and stare!?!
Even creepier than creepy little Sarah, is the fact that not only do we have to endure one of the kids from Twilight in this movie, but that he runs around shirtless for what seems like no other reason than to draw in the 12-year-olds that like Twilight. Come on Jackson Rathbone, you were so good in Dread, enough with the pandering already!

"Um... get dressed or I'll stake you."
Hurt itself isn't a bad effort, it just suffers from a bit of slowness and a lot of the time it feels like TV movie-of-the-week fodder. It does give us a good creepy kid though, and for that alone we can kind of endorse it. This one does shine a negative light on foster kids, which is kind of harsh, but then again if their own parents didn't want them... I'm kidding. Really, that's an awful thing to say, but at least as far as movies go, it tends to be true.

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