October 9, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 9: Angela (Sleepaway Camp, 1983)

I remember the first time I ever saw this movie, it nearly made me cry. Nearly, I say, because even at 10-years-old I knew that men didn't cry. Of course the end of this movie nearly made me forget I was a man... boy... whatever. It creeped me the hell out!

***MOVIE SPOILERS ENSUE*** Sleepaway Camp is your typical 80's Slasher flick, in which a bunch of a-hole teens get picked off one by one at the hands of some unseen maniac. In this case, the maniac is a teen herself; it's not that shy, sweet little Angela is in fact our killer that scares us so much, rather it's what's in her pants that is so terrifying... intrigued? Don't be, it's creepy.

She's got a surprise for you.
Angela had a creepy childhood. Angela is really Peter, who was raised to be a girl by his twisted fruit of an Aunt, after his sister (the real Angela) died in a terrible boating accident. No wonder he/she is so full of rage and eager to kill; forcing a child to be a tranny never works out well for anyone. This movie demonstrates perfectly why kids are creepy; even the seemingly good ones come out of nowhere and show you how evil they are.
Why do they always have to stand there and stare!
Aside from some decent moments of gore, you really have to wait for the last scene for any kind of good payoff in this movie, but when it comes, it is glorious. It may be cheesy by today's standards, but there was something
about Angela's face, and the penis where her vagina should be, that really shook me to my core back in the day. It truly is a classic ending, and one of the best the Horror genre has ever seen.

This scene spawned many a nightmare...

It's schlocky, bloody, and very typical, but as Horror movies go, Sleepaway Camp has one of the most memorable endings of all time. To this day, Felissa Rose (Angela) makes appearances at Horror Conventions all over the world, because Angela was such an iconic character to so many people. You owe it to yourself to see this movie, even if it's only for the ending.


When she's not being creepy, Felissa Rose is busy being hot.


  1. I've revisited this film due to this list and that final scene is indeed a tad disturbing,but it's weird face that really adds to the creep factor

  2. It was totally the face, no question. Now, not so terrifying, as a kid, piss inducing.