October 29, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 29: Them (Them/Ils, 2006)

You may remember a little movie from a few year ago called The Strangers; a couple returns to their isolated home after a wedding and are set upon by a trio of masked psychopaths, who want to make them piss themselves. And die.

Well that movie bears a striking resemblance to this much better French film, Ils.

The creepy bus of death.
Ils is also the story of a young couple living in the isolated Romanian countryside, who are set upon by a gang of mask wielding killers, who seem to enjoy making them piss themselves... only the creepers in Ils have two advantages over those in The Strangers; first and foremost they are kids, which makes it infinitely creepier. And second, they have those friggin' noisemaker thingys, which are always creepy, even at parties.

How can you not hear that noisemaker that close?!?
The fact that there are six of them don't help matters either, especially because they really like to "play." By play, the six year old of the group means kill people and maybe rape them once they're dead. Remind me to never visit Romania.

You lost.
Them (Ils) is a great French Horror flick that American audiences need to see. As Creepy Kid movies go, it's got to rank up there based on sheer brutality alone. And again, those damn noisemakers they use... I still hear them in my sleep sometimes...



  1. Hey, stop that! Romania is cool. Don't be criticizing centuries of tradition in raping dead people just because you are ignorant American!

  2. I never said Romania isn't cool, just that it scares me.

    And I'm American, I'm allowed to be as ignorant as I wish!

    That did not sound good at all...

  3. Hear they're remaking Ils? Yes, it's getting the english language do-over, apparently.

  4. Yeah, we heard about the remake... didn't they do that already (essentially) with The Strangers?

    I really wish American audiences had it in them to sit through subtitled movies. So many great foreign flicks would do well here...