October 13, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 13: Vivian (Dawn of the Dead, 2004)

2004's Dawn of the Dead remake was one of the better remakes of the past decade. Fast, fun, bloody, and downright chilling, not even the fast moving Zombies (which we usually hate) could dissuade us from loving it. In particular, DOTD 2004 boasted not one but two of the creepiest movie kids of the decade. Forget the zombie baby for now, we've got one that was even better. Let's let the pictures tell the story on this one, shall we?:

"Oh hi there cute neighbor kid, you're my little buddy!"
"You're like my big sister. I lub you!"
"Why are you creeping around my house at the crack of dawn (of the dead)?"
"What happened to your mouth, it looks like you caught the herp. LOL!"
"My neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"She's gone, I threw her down the hall..."
Well, shit.
If you say you didn't come close to pooping thyself the first time you saw that scene, you is a liar. Honestly though, that was a brilliant sequence from the very start, to the part where Sarah Polley drove off, fleeing for her life. And yes, lil' Vivian was at the heart of it all.

What a great way to kick off a great Zombie flick remake, no? Creepy little Vivian and her blood lust was definitely one of the most effective parts of the movie, and her scene sets the mood for everything that comes after, perfectly.

We could have mentioned the little Zombie baby, as it was creepy too, but that was more cheesy than terrifying to us. For our money, it's Vivian ftw!


Kinda cheesy. Not even gonna lie.


  1. Agreed. I almost wanted to pull a vag move and cover my eyes when I first saw this in theatres.

  2. No shame in the vag move... as long as no other guys see you pull it.

    It's like don't ask, don't tell, only with more shame. lol

  3. It doesn't take Sarah Polley long to turn on the kid either.

    I think I would have shot her LONG before she bit the dude.