October 18, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 18: Alice (Alice Sweet Alice, 1976)

Any little girl who would kill Brooke Sheilds when she was young, is just pure evil. She was sweet, pretty, and went on to do some controversial movies before before becoming fairly irrelevant, so why kill her? Especially when she's your little sister? Oh, maybe because you are insane.

"I am gonna kill you so bad!"
Alice is a disturbed little trollop, who is jealous of her way more awesome sister, whom everyone else loves more, because she's more awesome in every way. On the day of her communion, her sister mysteriously ends up dead, and naturally, everyone looks at Alice like she is to blame. Because she is.

What kind of kid even thinks about putting this outfit together? It's the mask and slicker that really put this little creeper over the edge...
After being nearly molested by her fat landlord, she kills a cat and then kills him and goes even further off of the deep end, stabbing anyone who she can get close enough to. She even stabs a priest in the neck... this girl has no remorse. Not even for killing the star of The Blue Lagoon. No one is safe from this little bitch!

Are those dolls behind her, or small Italian men? WTF?!?
Alice is a 70's style creeper of the highest magnitude; she kills her family, animals, and even clergy. The best part (or worst, depending on how you look at things) is that she's still out there at the end, looking creepy and finding new victims to stab to death. Alice, Sweet Alice is a classic Evil Kid movie, and it makes us miss the 70's... just a little bit.




  1. did you ever actually watch the movie?! Alice didn't kill anyone--it was Father Tom's caretaker who killed everyone.

  2. Yep, we watched it, and since we always do our best not to spoil twists when we talk about movies, we described Alice as she was meant to be seen until the twist.

    Alice was creepy. The illusion is that she kills everyone. Lots of people think she did, many people take the view that Alice had some hand in certain scenes, especially with the closing shot.

    Either way, the illusion of he being a killer kid is what made us love the movie, so we talk about it as it appears at face value.

    Just hope no one reads these comments if they've never seen the movie.

  3. Aw shit....I just did