October 17, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 17: Sharon/Alessa (Silent Hill, 2006)

"Now is the End of Days, and I am the Reaper! "

Another creepy video game-turned-movie kid was Silent Hill's Alessa. Alessa is a bit complicated; there's her good side, there's her bad side, and then there's some woman in an oxygen tent... Bottom line is that they're all the same person, and they're all freaking creepy.

Adorable, right?
Bad Alessa is out for revenge , and so she lures Good Alessa (aka Sharon) to Silent Hill to her to join and create Super Alessa... basically her pain and fear create Silent Hill, split her soul into two parts, and then she lures people into her creepy world to die. Or to be like a nanny of sorts. Either option is equally terrifying.

Oh look, grown up Alessa... still creepy.
It's hard to imagine such a cute kid being so bloodthirsty, but I guess even kids need some good old fashioned get-back every now and then. Alessa is creepier than most, because her rage created the messed up, foggy town know as Silent Hill, and all of its nasty, terrifying inhabitants. The movie is one of our Guilty Pleasure faves, and Alessa is definitely one of our favorite little creepers of all-time.


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