October 2, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 2: Michael (Burial Ground, 1981)

Let's switch gears and get into some of that obscurity we promised, alrighty?

If you haven't seen the 1981 Italian Zombie flick, Burial Ground (Review), then you're missing out on an good one. No one did Zombies like the Italians did in the late 70's & early 80's. Their Zombies were actually Zombies -as in they actually came back from the grave- as opposed to the viral contagion/crazed infection BS that constitutes "Zombies" these days. These movies, and this one in particular, had atmosphere to spare.

Eyes or Toupee... which one makes him creepier? The answer is yes.
This movie also had a creepy kid in it named Michael, who was played by a creepy looking dude in his mid-20's named Peter Bark. Based on looks alone, this kid is a Creeper Deluxe. Throw in his actions, and well... he's kind of on his own special level of creepy.

You see, Michael loves his Mother. She may be a randy slut, but she's the apple of his eye none the less. So when he makes his move and starts kissing her rubbing her boobs, and tries to make love to her butt with his finger, it all seems "tender and loving..." which is code for "unsettling and creepy."

Come to think of it, Mom is a creepy fuck as well.
Later on in the movie when Michael becomes one of the undead, his dear Mother offers up her bare tit to him, only to have him bite off a chunk and chew on it... I don't know which scene is creepier, but the fact that we can't decide if the kid was creepier before or after he becomes a Zombie pretty much says it all.

He's gonna bite it off, lady... that's what you get for canoodling with your own son!
The kid was doomed from the start with a whore-bag Mother like his, but that doesn't excuse his creepiness one bit. I mean what 10-year-old wears a hair piece? Then again what 10-year-old looks at his mother with deep rooted sexual yearning dancing in his eyes? Zombie or not, this kid measures a 10 on the creep meter.


"That's the look, that's the look, the look of love."


  1. This kid is awesomely fucked up!

  2. What a creepy guy/kid/dwarf/person.But look what the first reviewer has to say.....


  3. Awww... wait a minute, we don't weep around here!

    Nice story though :)~