October 1, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 1: Ralphie Glick (Salem's Lot, 1977)

Ralphie Glick
We would be remiss not to kick things off with one of the creepiest kids ever to grace the screen, big or small: Ralphie Glick from Salem's Lot. After all, The Master is THC's mascot, and he does comment on every movie we discuss, so we kinda owe it to him. He gets pissy if we don't show him proper respect. 

Barlow's first victim (not counting the dog) after arriving in Salem's LotRalphie Glick remains to this day one of the most iconic Vampire characters in Horror history. Even if people aren't that familiar with Salem's Lot (if you aren't, you need to be), most at least know of the famous window scratching scene. That scene, along with the entire mini-series, remains today one of the most effective works of Horror ever committed to film.

Not to mention he kills his own brother, who then turns into a Vampire creeper himself... it's like he started a creepy trend. I can't begin to tell you how terrified I was as an 8-year-old kid when I first saw this scene. I remember staring at my window every night from bed, waiting to see Ralphie Glick roll up in a bank of fog, and start scratching... I may have even peed my self from time to time in anticipation. I can't remember for sure. (I did.)

Even now, many years later, I still get the creeps when I sees Ralphie scratch...scratch...scratch... 

This boy was so delicious, I wish I could have killed him twice. Of all my creations, it was he that made me most proud, mainly because he was just about as creepy as I was. Well, he was creepy, I was terrifying, but still, the kid brought the creep. If you haven't seen him in action, you're missing out. You really need to see Salem's Lot asap, or I might have to send someone to scratch at your window tonight...


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