October 12, 2011

Quick Review: Fright Night (2011)

As remakes go, Fright Night was a good attempt at re-telling a great story, and it managed to be pretty entertaining. We weren't expecting it to be anywhere near as charming as the 1985 original was, but that's alright, because it doesn't really need to be.

The movies that populate the vampire sub-genre are one of two things lately; either sappy and over-romantic, or bleak and bloody. Fright Night manages to be neither, while somehow being a bit of both at the same time. Makes no sense, I know, but it is what it is.
Anton Yelchin was pretty solid.
If you don't remember the original (and shame on you if you don't), Fright Night is the story of Charley Brewster; an everyday ordinary teen who just wants to get laid, but instead has to deal with his new neighbor being a vampire. It's a fun little cat-and-mouse game really, and much more so in this one.

There's so much at stake in this film... LOL
Colin Farrell's version of Jerry Dandridge is a meaner, more menacing one than was Chris Sarandon's; Sarandon's Jerry was more classy and even romanticized, where as the modern day Jerry is slick and player-ish, and even a bit tauntingly mean. He's like a poon-hound who can't get enough blood, and Farrell is perfect in the role. It's all the more sweet because Farrell took the role because he loved the original movie so much. Gotta give him some kudos for that.

Easy ladies, we know. Ugh.
Charley Brewster is just about the same as he ever was, and Anton Yelchin plays him well. Imogen Poots plays a way hotter version of Amy, who comes off as far more sexualized and way less virginal than Amanda Bearse ever managed to be. And hotter. Did we mention hotter?

Sharp teeth or not, we'd still do it.
The only thing that didn't hold up as well was Peter Vincent. David Tennant is awesome, but the new version of the Vampire Hunter just can't measure up to Roddy McDowall's original. It was nice to see Chris Sarandon make a cameo. And what was Lisa Loeb doing in this? Total surprise.

McLovin's version of Evil Ed was more goofy than creepy in the remake, which was also a bit of a bummer. I mean Stephen Geoffrey's laugh alone made Evil Ed a classic movie character. Then again Geoffreys went on to star in a bunch of Gay Porn titles such as "Mechanics bi Day, Lube Jobs bi Night" and "Guys Who Crave Big Cocks," so maybe the pressure of being such an icon was a bit too much.

At least if McLovin ever turns to Gay Porn, he already has the perfect name.

What a pain in the neck... LOL
One of the better Horror remakes to come along in recent years, Fright Night not only managed to avoid shitting on the original, but made the story its own, and made it fun. Farrell was great as the predatory Jerry, and he set the tone for a humorous but bloody fun little Vampire flick. It should be hitting DVD/VOD soon, and if you missed it in Theaters, give it a go when it does.



And no, we did not forget about the hot chicks in this movie. Here they are. Like we'd forget about the chicks... shiiiiiiittttt!  

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