October 25, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 25: Alice (Wake Wood, 2010)

After letting an ill-tempered dog maul their sweet, innocent little girl to death, Littlefinger (and his hot-as-all-milf-hell wife, Eva Birthistle) move to the small town of Wake Wood to forget her. Everything's forgiven if you forget. Think about it. Go kill someone then forget you did it... see? There's no more guilt if you don't remember!

Until the guilt shows up again, all pissed off and wanting answers.
Anywho, the creepy people of Wake Wood have a secret, and for a price, the fat Dad from Harry Potter will bring sweet little Alice back to her shitty, should-have-paid-more-attention parents, for a three day reunion, after which, she gets to be dead again. It's a magic ritual you see. All Old English villages have them.

It's like being birthed out of a dead yak's ass, only slimier.
As you may have already guessed, once brought back, little Alice is different and doesn't want to return to the realm of the dead; she wants to stay amongst the living and make them dead, instead of her. So, she kills every person whom gets in her path, and that includes her parents if they try to stop her! Talk about ungrateful!

The Great Stare-Down of 2011... guess who wins?
Wake Wood was a really fun little movie, which plays like Pet Semetary meets the Wicker Man, meets The Omen. It's definitely a return to form (of sorts) for Hammer Films, and is worth a look. Little Alice is as nefarious and creepy as the hot Eva Birthistle is sexy and boner-inducing. *That means very.


Oh great. She's back.

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