October 11, 2011

31 Days of Creepy Kids, Day 11: The Little Son of a Bitch Under the Bed (Dead Birds, 2004)

The Little Son of a Bitch Under the Bed
Dead Birds is a small Horror flick from 2004 that went mostly unnoticed, and that's a shame. With all of the crappy low-budget clunkers that flood video store shelves, it's nice to see one actually not suck for a change. For one of the little guys, it manages to pack quite a punch.

The punch is under the bed.
When a gang of bank robbing Confederate Soldiers hole up in an old deserted farmhouse (which is hidden in the middle of a cornfield), they figure they've got it made. Well, aside from the Demons roaming around, they do. Worst of all of the Demons are the tricky Kid Demons; they lure you, in playing on your sympathies, then turn into toothy face-eaters, who eat your face with their teeth!

I'd go surrender to the Yanks. That's just me.
There's actually more than one Kid Demon in this movie, and even though the weeping little girl in the corner is creepy, the kid under the bed takes the cake. The lesson to be learned here is if you're in a creepy house or setting and you come across a weeping or frightened child, just walk away. Nothing good ever comes from trying to comfort them.

No hugs for you!
A solid story with impressive visuals and a great atmosphere, Dead Birds is one of those movies that should really have sucked, but didn't at all. As Creepy Kids go, these Demon Children go a long way towards making me hate old houses and cornfields... and kids, even more than I already do.


At least she's in this, which makes us forget the children... for a moment at least.

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