October 28, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for October 28th

How did October go by so quickly? Honestly, it feels like our favorite month of the year just started, and here it is, only three days away from ending...

Well, at least we have one more week full of new releases to help us send October out with a bang.

Still, we're kinda bummed about the whole thing.

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This week's Must Have release on Blu-ray is Nightbreed. Fans of the Clive Barker classic have been clamoring for decades for a Director's Cut of the movie, and Scream Factory (as per their usual) has answered their prayers with not one, but two Blu-ray versions of the film; the plain old The Director's Cut, and the Limited Edition package which contains both the Director's & Theatrical Cuts. We love Nightbreed, but the "normal" Director's Cut is good enough for us. For those of you who love Nightbreed enough to spend $70 on the Limited Edition, we salute you.

Either way, this movie is a must own.

Deliver Us From Evil is a way better movie than critics gave it credit for being, as we found it to be a B/B+ type of an experience. It's not perfect, but it is really dark and creepy, and the exorcism scene at the end was really great. We'll be adding this one to our collections, and any Horror fan who like their movies to feel a bit more polished and "mature" should do the same. If you're iffy about it, maybe just give it a rent.

The last of this week's releases that we have to own immediately is Shogun Assassin. It is not a Horror flick in any way, shape, or form, but it is a bloody, gory, and insanely fun Martial Arts flick. The movie may be most famous for the way that it was sampled on Wu-Tang Clan mastermind Gza's album, Liquid Swords. That album is one of our all-time faves (as far as Hip-Hop goes, anyhow), and the Shogun Assassin samples are a big part of that. This is a truly great movie, if you like that sort of thing.

The Criterion Collection's The Vanishing and Mario Bava's Planet of the Vampires are also both worthy purchases, but October has tapped us out, and so we'll be waiting a while before we grab those.

As for everything else, we're good.

We've seen two movies out of this week's crop of DVD releases; one of which we liked, and one of which we loathed.

Beneath (our review HERE) is a creepy little psychological Horror flick that is definitely worthy of a watch, especially if you're claustrophobic.

Conversely, Blood Vally: Seed's Revenge was one of the worst movies that we've seen in years, and maybe ever. As bad as most Uwe Boll movies are, this sequel to his slasher flick Seed (2006) is infinitely worse. He at least tries to make good movies and just fails... I honestly don't know what the producers of this shit pile were trying to make, unless it was an actual shit pile. If so, then they succeeded wildly.

As for the rest of the week's DVD releases, that's a crap-shoot that you're going to have to navigate for yourselves. Good luck with that.


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