October 21, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for October 21st

It's already the third Tuesday in October, and the high profile releases just keep coming! *Don't worry, things will slow down to a crawl once November hits.

Some of the year's best genre movies are seeing release this week, along with some classics that definitely beg our attention.

*Click the pictures below if you want to buy any of this week's releases, because the 40 cents we'll make each time you do will send the kids we'll be having someday to College. It's never too early to start planning these things.

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Snowpiercer (our review HERE) is hands down one of the best movies that we've seen all year. It's such a different, beautiful, savage, insane movie, that it just made us fall in love from the moment we first saw it. At $15, buying this Blu-ray was a no-brainer for us, but we would have honestly paid more.Excellent stuff here.

The Purge: Anarchy (our review HERE) exceeded our expectations by a mile, and ended up being one of our favorite movies of the Summer. A lot of credit for that belongs to Frank Grillo (who makes for one hell of an anti-hero), but the movie itself is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, The Purge.Day one purchase for us.

To All A Goodnight is one that we're dying to see. Much like our favorite Blu-ray release of the Summer, Curtains, this early 80's slasher is finally being released in a watchable format; it's so obscure that no one ever really took the time to give it any sort of quality, proper release. We haven't seen this one since we were wee little lads and lasses (well over 30 years), so we're anxiously awaiting our UPS Man so that we can relive it again, and in Blu-ray quality.

For a simple slasher movie, See No Evil 2 (our review HERE) was a fun watch. Would we buy it? I don't know about that, but we wouldn't not buy it... capisce? If you like the typical stalk-n-slash flick, and are fans of the work of The Soska Sisters; Danielle Harris; or Katharine Isabelle, then you will most likely get a big kick out of this one.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort could go either way; we loved the first movie, and surprisingly, the sequels that followed after were a ton of bloody fun, even if they weren't "great" movies. If this newest installment in the Wrong Turn series can at least be gory and fun, we will be pleased. We'll let you know soon enough, as it's part of our current backlog.

The 2nd Vincent Price Collection released by Scream Factory doesn't pack the punch of the first one as far as included titles go, but it will no doubt please Vincent Price enthusiast one the less. Sometimes, we're just in the mood for that old school, Gothic type of Horror, you know?

Life After Beth was entertaining enough. Ditto The Squad.

Aftermath and The Scribbler both look good, but they're going to have to wait until we get through the pile of Blu-rays that are already sitting on our desk before we can give them any proper attention.

We wish that we had more time on our hands this month, because then we could get into a few of these "smaller" Direct-to-Video titles, but alas, we do not.

If we did, Bloodworx, Cannibal, and Red Nights is where we'd start. Maybe add A Christmas Carol to that list.

There are just too many titles to process this week! At least we won't be bored.


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