October 4, 2014

What's new on VOD this week? #31DaysofHorror

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The first week of October is a strong one on the VOD front, offering us all a bunch of highly-anticipated movies to kick off our Halloween Season viewing parties the right way.

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Be ready to learn your ABC's again with 26 new directors and 26 new deaths bring your kids to a blood and gore filled horror so good your face will be blood red.

We just finished watching The ABC's of Death 2, and much like the first movie (our review HERE), we found it to be a mixed bag. This time out, there were a few good shorts, a few really bad ones, but most of them were fairly mediocre and forgettable.

If you dig your Horror movies in anthology style, then this is definitely the rental for you.

After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband's sinister secret?

A new story from Stephen King, A Good Marriage is not only taking all sorts of flack because of its controversial premise (it's inspired by the life of BTK Killer, Dennis Rader), but it's also getting some pretty poor reviews.

We'll catch this one eventually, but it's not high on our priority list right now.

In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples.

Looks like we were right after all; Horns is available now on VOD, ahead of its October 31st theatrical release. We've seen it, we liked it, and our review is coming soon, but for now we'll just say watch it. It's a pretty solid adaptation of the book, and we have to imagine that it's going to please most people. We hope.

Horns is easily the movie of the week to seek out and rent.

INNER DEMONS follows an 'Intervention'-style reality show crew that films an episode about a sixteen-year old girl, a former A-student, who is fighting addiction but may in fact be suffering from something even more destructive: demonic possession. The movie is an inquiry into the truth about her - with symptoms that straddle the disturbing and scary intersection between insanity, addiction and true possession.

I don't know about this one; it looks like a cross between social commentary about drug abuse and a Found Footage possession movie..  I mean, the girl is a junkie because she's possessed by a Demon? We don't much like the premise, but here's to hoping that it's at least scary and effective.

An actress named Jill refuses to have dinner with Nick, a fan who won a date with her in an Internet contest. In return, a guy named Chord, posing as Jill's campaign manager, helps Nick to follow in the footsteps of the actress from his own computer. Nick starts a game in which he realizes that is only a puppet into the maniac plans devised by Chord, to hunt down the star. 

We really liked Nacho Vigalondo's Timecrimes, and Elijah Wood is always cool with us, so we'll definitely be giving this one a go. If nothing else, it looks like a solid thriller that's presented in a unique way, and maybe it will really end up working well.

Janey is sent to a silent meditation retreat, in the woods, for rehabilitation, only to realize that the men who run it are brainwashing women, and if she breaks the rules, she'll discover what lurks beyond the trees.

Looks interesting enough.

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