October 30, 2014

31 Days of Creepy Scenes, #2: "The Boy, Jason."

They've given us nightmares, given us chills, made us cringe, made us laugh, made us gag, and made us stare at the screen in awe: these are the scenes that pop into our minds when we think of great Horror Films, and we love them all.

*We recommend that if you've never seen these scenes before, that you experience them for the first time unspoiled in the movies that they come from, if you can. With that in mind, we'll try to be as spoiler-free as possible while discussing them; try, being the key word here.

We can't really talk about great scenes from Horror movies and not include Friday The 13th, at least once. The beloved slasher series has made us jump plenty of times over the years, but to be fair, it was really only the earlier movies that ever truly "scared" us; as the series progressed, the F13th movies became more fun than they were scary.

There are a few F13th scenes that we could choose from that would all be equally creepy or classic; either one of Mrs. Voorhees' beheading, or Jason crashing through the window onto Amy Steele in F13th Part 2, would work just fine, but neither of those can ever top the ending of the first movie.

After surviving the killing spree of Mrs. Voorhees, Final Girl Alice gets into a boat and floats to the middle of Crystal Lake, I guess figuring that nothing can hurt her way out there. Soft, relaxing music begins to play, and Alice gently strokes the water, and all seems to be well... until Baby Jason Corpse strikes!

Throughout all of Horror movie history, there are very few scenes as striking and memorable as this one is. Not only does it provide an totally unexpected shock to end the first movie on, but it also sets up the sequels, which we all know gave birth to one of Horror's all-time iconic bad guys.

34 years later, Friday the 13th is still a seminal Horror movie, and an excellent (and fitting) part of any Horror movie marathon.


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