October 8, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for October 7th

Welcome to October, and the first Tuesday of the 2014 Halloween Season! You know what that means; plenty of exciting Horror Movies and TV Shows are being released today for us to spend/waste our money on!

Let's take a quick look at this week's titles and see which ones are most worthy of our hard-earned $$$, shall we?

*Remember to click the cover art below if you want to buy something, as buying it through us helps us to not only keep our Release Dates Page going strong, but helps us buy more movies for us to review, so that you know if they're worth buying or not! It's truly and endless circle, isn't it?

If we're only buying one Blu-ray this week, it's definitely this Summer's Tom Cruise Sci-Fi actioner, Edge of Tomorrow. It's a shame that the movie found no audience at the Box Office, because it was one of the most entertaining flicks that we saw all Summer. If you love a good Sci-Fi flick, and if you were curious about it, but just decided to skip it in Theaters, we heartily recommend that you pick up a copy now, because you'll enjoy the hell out of it.

The Alien 35th Anniversary Edition is a Must Own if you don't already have it on Blu-ray, and we probably shouldn't have to explain why. It also comes in a nifty package, so, bonus.

The Faculty, The First Power, and From Dusk till Dawn are all solid 90's flicks that deserve a look-see, but we'll wait until their prices hit a little bit closer to $10 to pull the trigger on them. They also all start with the letter F, which we found to be a really odd coincidence...as well as an odd thing to notice.

Nekromantik is a great purchase if you like movies about people who enjoy having sex with corpses. This is an extremely nasty film, and will not be for most Horror fans, us among them, but many do consider it a classic. It's also Limited to 10,000 copies, so act fast of you want one for yourself! Though with its subject matter, and the fact that it costs $30 a pop, we can't imagine it selling out all that quick. Still, act fast. Hurry!
This week sees multi-pack releases for series like Children of the Corn, Halloween, and Hellraiser, all of which feature only the lackluster sequels form later in the series'; and Predator, The Prophecy, and Wrong Turn, which feature each film from their respective series'. They're all good deals, but we'd definitely go with the ones that offer the good movies of their series in addition to the stinkers, for obvious reasons. 

People's love of the Sharknado movies is a mystery to us, but if you enjoyed Sharknado 2, you'll be happy to know that this Blu-ray release contains the Extended Version of the movie! Because who doesn't want more of Sharknado 2? Right?

TVz-infoahsbatesFollowingHemlockvikings170 x 224
Some strong TV Series are hitting store shelves this week, and for our money (which in this case equals $24.99), Vikings is the best of them. It's one hell of a good show that deserves a wider audience, and if you're looking for something to binge watch, then we definitely recommend Vikings Season 1 & 2. *If we only recommend Season 2, you'd be lost.
American Horror Story: Coven underwhelmed us a bit, but there was still a lot to like about the third season of this show. With Season 4 starting tomorrow, now would be a good time to get back into the AHS vibe with this set.

Bates Motel had a solid second season, and we'll be adding it to our collection in short order.

The Following and Hemlock Grove, we'll be passing on, but at around $30 each, fans of both shows should definitely buy them now before they bump back up to $40 and above, which they will.

DVDz-info4pk4 tz4 wesAsia Extreme SKAsia Extreme JAsia Extreme TbreakingcreepingdevilinsidelastMineredslwdgetalk
As with the Blu-ray releases, multi-packs seem all the rage this week on the DVD front. those Asia Extreme sets look really good, and three of the four movies included in the 4 Film Favorites set are worth owning.

On the single movie front, we're interested in seeing Creeping Crawling, The Devil Incarnate, and Red House. The rest look decent enough, but with an already over-full October plate, they'll just have to wait until we get some more time on our hands before we check them out.


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