October 7, 2014

31 Days of Creepy Scenes, #25: Creepy Ice Capades #31DaysofHorror

They've given us nightmares, given us chills, made us cringe, made us laugh, made us gag, and made us stare at the screen in awe: these are the scenes that pop into our minds when we think of great Horror Films, and we love them all.

*We recommend that if you've never seen these scenes before, that you experience them for the first time unspoiled in the movies that they come from, if you can. With that in mind, we'll try to be as spoiler-free as possible while discussing them; try, being the key word here. 

When it comes to Slasher movies, they don't get much better than the ones that were released between 1978-1984; that period of time was called The Golden Age of the Slasher Film by many, because that was when Slashers were at the peak of their popularity, and arguably, their quality.

One of the more obscure movies that was a part of that Golden Age, was the 1983 Canadian effort, Curtains. Curtains is the story of a bunch of actresses who are called to a remote mansion to audition for an important movie role, and then are all subsequently bumped off one by one, in true Slasher style.

Curtains is a pretty solid movie that is full of creepy imagery and great scenes. The most famous of its scenes has to be the Ice Skating Attack: one of the young actresses is out on a frozen pond, practicing a skating routine to what may be the lamest song of the 80's, when she finds a doll buried in the snow. While she's examining the doll, a masked creeper with a sickle begins skating towards her, which prompts her to run... or rather, skate, away.

The way the scene is cut, switching POV's between the girl and the doll, and the masked killer skating towards them in slow-motion, makes for an intense scene that truly stands out among other Slashers from the same time period. It really is a great scene.

Curtains is a great movie, and now that it's finally been released on Blu-ray with a pristine transfer that makes the film watchable (read our Blu-ray review for more on that), it's the perfect addition to any Halloween movie marathon,especially if you're in the mood for a great Slasher flick. .

Read our full review of Curtains here.


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