October 14, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for October 14th

The Blob, The BlobThe Blob!

Can you tell which one of this week's releases has got us the most excited?

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THE Blu-ray release to own this week is The Blob. There's probably no other movie to come out of the 80's that mixed campy fun with serious Horror as well as this one did, and that's probably due largely in part to the fact that it was written by Frank Darabont.

Brought to us by Twilight Time, with a limited print run of 5000 copies, The Blob (our review HERE) is a must own for any and all Horror fans. Get yourself a copy before they're gone for good (which looks like it will be very soon.) Order from Screen Archives Entertainement (HERE) while you still can!

Twilight Time is also releasing Limited Edition Blu-rays of Audrey Rose and The Believers this week. Both are solid flicks, and both are limited to 3000 copies each. They probably won't sell out as quickly as The Blob will, so no need to panic.

Mystery Road (our review HERE) is an excellent Australian Thriller that deserves to be seen by as wide of an audience as possible. If you like a good slow burning Thriller that involves Cops, criminals, and wicked shootouts, then this movie is definitely for you.

Also of note this week is X-Men: Days of Future Past. The X-Men movies have been hit or miss for us, but this latest effort (which brings the older & younger characters together) was really enjoyable. It also sets up the arrival of Apocalypse in the next movie, which makes it even cooler to us.

Aah, Penny Dreadful. What a great little Gothic Horror surprise this Showtime show was for us this past Summer. We'll gladly pony up to revisit the creepy goings-on of this one, as it truly is one of the best shows that we've seen all year. If you haven't taken the Penny Dreadful plunge yet, do so now. You're missing out on one hell of a show if you don't.

Fargo isn't a Horror TV Show in the least, but it is violent one, and more importantly, it's a truly excellent one. Season One of Fargo is a self-contained story (following the American Horror Story/True Detective blueprint), and it was easily one of the most satisfying experiences that we've had watching a TV Show in 2014. For only $24.99 on Blu-ray (cheaper on DVD) it's an absolute crime to pass this gem of a show up. 

As far as Dracula goes... We're not sure where Networks like NBC find the balls to try and sell us a copy of a show that they cancelled after only giving it one season, but here you go. Guess they figure they can make at least a little bit of money off of the show's fanbase, even though they basically left that fanbase hanging, narrative-wise. We were hardly fans of Dracula, but we really hate it when Networks just up and cancel Genre shows without giving fans proper closure. They should at least produce a movie or small mini-series to wrap up its plot points or something. Anything.

Do yourself a favor and spend your $$$ on Penny Dreadful; at least that's a quality show of which we'll have another season to look forward to in 2015, and most likely, more seasons beyond even that.

This week's DVD releases are made up of mostly lower-budget offerings, most of which we'll catch when they hit Netflix. However...

Witching & Bitching (our review HERE) was a crazy, inspired movie that plays more like a comedy than it does a Horror flick, but if that's the type of thing that you love, then you'll probably love this one.Be warned though, it's a crazy movie.

And we have to admit that Locked In captured our attention, mainly because it's got Eliza Dushku on the cover, and we love us some Eliza Dushku. Will the movie be any good? Eliza Dushku. That's all you need to know.


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