October 17, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

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It’s hard to believe that we’re at the halfway point of October already… we feel like we’ve barely even gotten into the Halloween Season groove yet! That's always how it goes though, isn't it?

At least we have another crop of VOD releases this week to help us get even more into the Halloween spirit. Aside from Another Me (which seems like it's more for young girls, than it is for us); and See No Evil 2 (which we've already seen); we're dying to see all of them.

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A teenager finds her perfect life upended when she's stalked by a mysterious doppelganger who has her eyes set on assuming her identity.

We're including Another Me in this week's VOD releases because it's a Thriller that seems geared towards a younger audience (and the kids deserve something "scary" to watch too), and because it stars Sophie Turner, of Game of Thrones fame.

That being said, this PG-13 Thriller looks like it could be fairly underwhelming, as most PG-13 Thrillers tend to be. Sophie Turner fans will probably want to give it a go though, regardless.

Still reeling from her parents' divorce, April is dragged back to the vacation cabin she spent fond summers at as a child accompanied by a group of friends. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. Lead by her boyfriend, the group venture out toward the crash site and discover the remnants of a ship from another planet along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. The college friends soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine.

We weren't the biggest fans of The Vicious Brothers' 2011 Found Footage ghost story, Grave Encounters (read our not-so-happy review HERE), but Extraterrestrial looks really promising.

The trailer plays great, and we're really hoping that the whole movie ends playing just as great, as we haven't really seen a good "Alien Abduction" movie in quite some time.

Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers & strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she's inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who's less than happy about the new living arrangement. 

Housebound has been getting all kinds of positive reviews on the Festival Circuit. It's been billed as being fresh, exciting, fun, and inventive, and it's one of our most anticipated October releases. We can not wait to sit through this one.

A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws. 

Our review of See No Evil 2 is coming later today/early tomorrow, but let us just say for now that having already seen it, we were pleasantly surprised. It's a simple, bloody Slasher flick that is accented nicely by the Soska Sisters' sharp eye for visuals and atmosphere.

It was fun, and it's most definitely worthy of a rental.

65 years after a masked serial killer terrorized the small town of Texarkana, the so-called 'moonlight murders' begin again. Is it a copycat or something even more sinister? A lonely high school girl, with dark secrets of her own, may be the key to catching him.


Now, reviews have been mixed on this remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but after seeing this trailer, we just don't care; it looks awesome, and we'll be seeing it as soon as we possibly can.

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