October 4, 2014

31 Days of Creepy Scenes, #28: The Buzz-Saw #31DaysofHorror

They've given us nightmares, given us chills, made us cringe, made us laugh, made us gag, and made us stare at the screen in awe: these are the scenes that pop into our minds when we think of great Horror Films, and we love them all.

*We recommend that if you've never seen these scenes before, that you experience them for the first time unspoiled in the movies that they come from, if you can. With that in mind, we'll try to be as spoiler-free as possible while discussing them; try, being the key word here. 

Now here's a scene that may not have creeped us out very much, but it sure did shock us with its clever use of a huge saw, and some sort of high-pressure hose.

Xavier Gens' Frontiere(s) (2007) is nothing if not shocking; between the idea of a family of inbred Neo-Nazi's wanting to start a new master race by kidnapping women and turning them into baby farms, to the NC-17 level of violence and gore, this is one brutal and messed up movie. 

The one scene in Frontiere(s) that has always stuck with us is the one where sweet little Karina Testa fucks a guy up with an axe, and then shoves him back onto a massive, table-mounted buzz-saw... and then proceeds to get covered with around 120 gallons of his blood.

It's moments like that which will always make us remember movies like Frontiere(s), Haute Tension, Inside, and Martyrs (along with the whole New French Extremity thing), with both fondness and disgust.

Read our full review of Forntiere(s) HERE.


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