October 2, 2014

31 Days of Creepy Scenes, #30: "Do you live alone?"

They've given us nightmares, given us chills, made us cringe, made us laugh, made us gag, and made us stare at the screen in awe: these are the scenes that pop into our minds when we think of great Horror Films, and we love them all.

*We recommend that if you've never seen these scenes before, that you experience them for the first time unspoiled in the movies that they come from, if you can. With that in mind, we'll try to be as spoiler-free as possible while discussing them; try, being the key word here. 

Zodiac may not be a "pure" Horror flick, but like Se7en and Silence of the Lambs before it, it most definitely fits within the confines of our Genre with all of its creepy Serial Killer hi-jinks.

It's also one hell of a chilling watch.

The best and most chilling scene in Zodiac kinda comes out of nowhere and unsettles the hell out of you with its subtlety: It involves Jake Gyllenhaal's character (Robert Graysmith) heading into a dark basement in an effort to uncover the Zodiac Killer's identity, and quickly realizing that he's playing a very dangerous game.

It doesn't sound like much, but trust us when we say that it's a scene that will stay with you long after the movie is over.We can't imagine that you haven't seen this movie, but if you haven't, it makes for some great October viewing.


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