September 14, 2009

The 2nd season of True Blood comes to a close...

... and I am underwhelmed. It was a great season, and I love the show, but the Maryanne thing dragged on, got goofy, and by the last episode I didn't care what happened, only that it ended. It was an ok finale, and that makes me a bit sad. As for the whole season... The Good: -Evan Rachel Wood was awesome as Sophie-Anne. -Lafayette always delivers. I'm so glad they left him alive for the series (he dies in book one.) -Sam has become one of my favorite characters this season, and I pretty much loathed him in season one. -Godric was awesome, and left us far too soon. -It was awesome to see Bill and Eric's past lives. It made them far more menacing. -The Fellowship of the Sun storyline was really cool. -Eric is the man. Sorry Bill. -Jason in the first half of the season. -Sookie + nudity = Win. Jessica next please. The Bad: -Sookie is whiny and annoys me more times than not. Very hot and cold. -Jason in the second half of the season. -Who cares that Eggs got shot? His name was frigging Eggs! Worst name ever, and he was a plot device character to boot. -The "possessed" townsfolk (the ones usually relegated to scene filler duty) got really annoying. We get it, they're possessed and its making them act all wacky... stop taking screen time away from the characters that are actually interesting. -I liked Maryanne and her storyline, but it should have focused more on her and Sam, and left the extra crap that they reminded us of over and over again, on the cutting room floor. -How could Maryanne control Jason, and not Sookie? They're brother and sister, share the same blood, and Sookie was immune because she's... I won't spoil it, but shouldn't Jason be the same thing? -Andy is very annoying. What we have to look forward to: -Who kidnapped Bill? Why? -Why is Sophie-Anne ordering Eric to sell V? what will that mean for Bill, since he knows? -Do we find out more about Sookie's "heritage?" -Will she finally bang Eric? Will she bang a werewolf? A werepanther? -What will the search for Sam's biological parents turn up? -Has Jessica finally become the nasty little killer I had hoped she would this season? Can Dopey's love save her? -Will Tara ever do anything interesting? I guess we will find when season three hits us sometime in June, 2010.

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  1. ah bollocks... you cringed with joy over Jessica and Hoyt's lovey dovey. I know i did. I haven't got that excited over a tv love story since the Buffy/Spike days. Even if it was first love. I'm a sucker for the corny shit.

    Eric the viking? Now thats a sense of humor.
    Agree with everything you said although i do find Jason's retardedness humoress.