September 27, 2009

Quick Review: Dark Rising (2007)
We do a weekly post about the DO NOT WANT'S of the movie world, so why not do one spotlighting the movies that by all accounts should have been DO NOT WANT'S, but instead ended up being enjoyable on a Guilty Pleasure level.

"A broken heart, a battle axe, a demon and a lesbian ex-fiancée... Jason Parks' life goes from bad to worse as a series of supernatural events turn his dream of reconciliation with ex-fiancée Jasmine into a portal seeking, demon hunting nightmare..."

There's really no reason in the world that we should have ended up liking this movie; it's cheap, cheesy, goofy, and it should have sucked... and yet here we are having enjoyed it, despite it being little more than a C-grade effort. Who woulda thunkit?

Here are 10 reasons that we liked this movie:

Hot chicks.
Sapphic love. With this, you can never go wrong.
Groovy boobs.
A crazy, rubber Demon.
The hot D&D warrior chick that made us fail our saving throw vs. boner.
Christian of WWE Wrestling fame. He was pretty damned funny.
This scene made us LOL.
This kid was awesome.
Half-naked chicks karate fighting.
"He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"
Dark Rising is a cheesy, sexy, often times humorous, lesbian kiss-filled, fun time. I should have hated everything about this movie but I liked it. I couldn't help it! Give it a go if you're looking for some harmless fun.

Dark Rising is available now on DVD and VOD.

A little more of Brigitte Kingsley never hurt anyone...


  1. Haha, that last screen cap is the best.

  2. confession: I preordered this on Amazon on the sole factor that pro wrestler Christian was in it. It turned out to be exactly the type of shlocky, humorous, gory movie I love.

  3. You had me at cute chicks and sapphic love.

  4. This movie was fun! A very pleasant surprise.