September 14, 2009

Quick Review: Pop Skull (2007)
Alright, I can imagine that when people hear me bash this movie that I'll be labeled as someone who "doesn't get it," or some other bullshit like that, but that's crap. I'm all for different, artistic, quietly-paced movies, even in the Horror Genre. What I am not for is disjointed oddities that go for style over substance, for nothing more than the sake of being artistic.

I could be oversimplifying things by quite a bit here with a statement like that, but screw it. This movie made me feel that way. It felt "artsy" for the sake of being artsy, and why should I pretend otherwise?

Sorry Hannah, that's just how it is.
Pop Skull was almost like being on an acid trip and filming it from behind your own eyes, which I guess is the point, but it all just left me frustrated. This is an Art School film at best, and the annoyingly "Artsy" editing doesn't make it bold or fresh, it makes it feel pompous: 'We can't tell a linear story, that's lame and mainstream, instead let's try to get people to have epileptic fits and show them how clever we are... even though our cleverness may bore them to death well before they have a seizure of any sort.'

That is all.

Not even Hannah Hughes as a blonde could save this one...
*Addendum: Adam Wingard went on to do FAR better movies than this pile of shit, and unless you feel absolutely compelled to check this movie out because his name is attached to it, go watch A Horrible Way to Die, You're Next, or The Guest instead.

You'll be glad that you did.

On a positive note, Hannah Hughes is gorgeous, and not a bad actress.

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