September 30, 2009

The Honorable Mentions- The Hidden Gems

~The Honorable Mentions~
Most people will most likely not have heard of the 31 hidden gems that were about to unearth. We know them all. Other horror fanatics will know them all. You may. Don't feel bad if you don't though, because most of the movie going public doesn't either. I discover new flicks every day, and I spend hours upon hours searching for them... So whether they were buried by the studio, marketed wrong, passed over by audiences, too obscure, or just not give a fair shake in general, the underrated gems on this list deserve to be seen by lovers of horror everywhere. Before we begin the countdown, here are a few that just missed the list. Let's listen to what The Master has to say... The Master says: "Acolytes was a great little Australian flick about some teens that try to mess with a serial killer, and learn the hard way that serial killers aren't to be messed with. Especially by teens. Laid to Rest was a bloody, fun, low budget slasher flick that gave us a new horror icon to love. With a name like Chrome Skull, you either have to love him, or piss yourself when he starts walking towards you." The Master says: "The french gave us some good movies this past decade, and Malefique was one of the best of them. Creepy, dark, and full of satanic magic, it's right up my vampiric alley. WTF was with that doll though? May was one of those movies that reminded me of every girl I've ever dated... and why I was terrified of them all. The lesson here is you don't mess with someone's heart, especially when the bitch is creepy to begin with." The Master says: "Ooh, two zombie flicks! Outpost is a cool story about some Nazi zombies that tear the ass out of a bunch of tough guy mercs. The British sure love their WWII horror flicks, but at least they make them well. Pontypool is a zombie flick with not many zombies in it... sounds crazy, right? This one is more of a psychological screw job, a low burner that makes you feel as isolated as the small crew of the radio station does... I can't wait for the sequel."


  1. Damn it, I am trying to get a hold of Malefique for an eternity and no one has it shared. You just turned the knife in the wound there.

  2. Laid to Rest didn't make the list? Thats easily Top 10 of 2009 horror in my book.

  3. Laid to Rest isn't in my top 10 of 2009... I liked it a lot, but I guess I just liked 31 movies from this decade more.