September 20, 2009

Quick Review: Red Victoria (2008)
Red Victoria is a basically a Horror Comedy that isn't very funny at all. In fact, it's annoyingly unfunny. The actor that plays the role of the main character is not meant for comedy. Then again, he may also not be meant for writing or directing either.

I halfway expected a porn flick to break out at any moment while watching this one, because the over-acting, the storyline, and the A/V quality felt like it was just about porn-like.

I guess if you like wacky, unfunny Horror movies that make you cringe, this will be right up your alley. I don't get the point of a movie like this; and by that, I mean that I don't get why it was even made.

That's about it.
Since there are so many movies that we verbally abuse after having to endure them (and for good reason), we thought it fair to come up with at least 5 things that were good or decent about the DO NOT WANT'S of the world. We will use pictures to illustrate said things. So here are 5 positive things about MOVIE NAME HERE:

Arianne Margot.
The dramatic impact.
This scene.
Um... Arianne Margot Again?
Can we say Arianne Margot just one more time?
Arianne Margot is in this. 

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