September 20, 2009

Quick Review: Sick Girl (2007)
I wanted to like this movie. I really tried to like this movie. In the end, I think this one could have been decent, had it had a better cast, and a better script... and some better production values...

The acting in this movie, especially from our Sick Girl, was just putrid. There's definitely some hardcore violence perpetrated in this movie, but it meant very little since NONE of the characters made me give even the slightest damn about them.

Leslie Andrews was not able to carry this film as the titular character. She tried her best to channel an over-the-top crazy version of Ellen Page from Hard Candy, but fell far short. I couldn't tell when she was insane or happy... she seemed to only really have one blank expression on her face. She had moments of quality here and there, but just couldn't handle the emotional range that was necessary to play the role.

In this scene, she's happy.
I seem to be in the minority with this one. Many Horror sites liked or loved this movie, and even The N.Y. Times gave it an 8 of 10. The makers of this movie tried their asses off, as did the cast, but it just left me cold. I can totally see people liking it though, especially the Gorehounds.

Us too, kid. Us too.
Since there are so many movies that we verbally abuse after having to endure them (and for good reason), we thought it fair to come up with at least 5 things that were good or decent about the DO NOT WANT'S of the world. We will use pictures to illustrate said things. So here are 5 positive things about MOVIE NAME HERE:

That wig.
Stephen Geoffreys?!?
This scene.
The excessive violence.

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