September 25, 2009

DVD Review: Infestation (2009)

"This movie delivers the cheesy B-movie goods. Whodathunkit?"
In Attendance- Me and Machine.
Cast Members of Note- Christopher Marquette, Brooke Nevin, Kinsey Packard, and the always cool Ray Wise.

A geeky telemarketing slacker wakes up in a sticky cocoon to find his office overrun with giant beetles. Through his use of keen investigation skills (mainly by looking), he discovers that the entire city is pretty much the same way; cocooned and under insect siege!

That goes way beyond web-eye.
He rescues some people from their cocoons, makes them vomit, and together they set out to survive. Luckily for him, one of the people he rescues is a really hot chick with super big boobs... or maybe it's just lucky for the audience. I'd like to think that were all lucky, and better off for having had her boobs around.

Thank you for your boobs. Thank you.
Soon enough they discover that the beetles are infusing themselves with humans, creating some creepy looking hybrid Humeetle creatures. The humeetles aren't very human at all though, and are willing to kill and cocoon even their loved ones for the betterment of the hive. Where did they come from, and why are they so angry at us?

I won't spoil what happens nest here for you, but suffice it to say that amid all of the snarky laughter, some creepy stuff goes down, people die, bugs get squished left and right, we get some gratuitous nudity, and the ending will leave you screaming at your TV because it never happens. Confused? So was I.

"What happened?!?"
Infestation was a really fun movie. I had my reservations at first, especially when our very own Machine warned me that it was a Syfy movie (it wasn't), but those fears were quickly put to rest as the movie wore on. Funny, gross, and crazy fun, Infestation is a great way to spend 90 movie-watching minutes. It had an old school, B-movie feel about it, and I'd love to see a sequel.  

Christopher Marquette absolutely carries this movie, and does a great job. The kid has comic timing down pat, and he brings an already good script to life admirably. Ray Wise was great as always too, so good that he even made me miss Twin Peaks. Overall, not a bad actor in the bunch here, which is truly rare for cheesy Horror flicks.

Breakdancing? Now?!?
Again, the dog falls victim to the menace in a Horror movie! Other than Dog Soldiers, I can't remember watching a Horror movie recently where the dog doesn't die a horrible death, or in this case, become a John Carpenter-looking mutoid monster. 

Poor little Nippy!
What happened at the end? Seriously, there had better be a sequel on the way, because I am unfulfilled.
Yeah baby, you left me unfulfilled.
Excessive vomit, impaling, bug-on-human violence, human-on-human violence, shotgun violence, and all kinds of squished bugs... Grossness abounds in this movie.

We actually get to see a pair of boobs in this one; not the boobs I really wanted to see, mind you, but they were still pretty nice.

We applaud our breasts, young Miss.
"Let me tell you a little story... you're an idiot!"

Giant beetles are filled with yogurt. Also,
Humeetles scream really loud.

Also, that's not cotton candy.
Infestation is a fun little movie that had me laughing the whole time, and never got boring or lame. This is NOT a Syfy Channel movie, it just happened to premiere on TV is all, so don't let that dissuade you from seeing it. Grab a copy whenever you get the chance, then kick back and enjoy.


Infestation is available now on DVD and VOD.

Deleted scene, or just a part of a crazy dream I had involving Brooke Nevin, a balance beam, a plunger, and a gimp mask? I'll leave you to decide for yourselves. 


  1. "Wow! Holly shit!". I thoroughly feel your pain. What the hell ending was that? They must be feeling really confident on a sequel.

    I wish it would have made more sense, but overall, I liked the movie.

  2. Thanks for the review. I'll check it out...someday. :)

  3. I watched this one mainly for Linda Park, but was disappointed by the fact that her role wasn't much more than a cameo :( Still, I came away from this one fairly satisfied, thanks to the sharp writing and strong pacing. Usually I don't like horror-comedies at all, because they often just go for the completely farcical angle, but this one played it pretty straight and was more understated with its humour, leaving space for some genuine emotional moments.

  4. I just saw the movie today and was literally jaw-hanged with the ending. Nice review. For me it's a B.

  5. If you didn't remember the none deaf guy did a game
    that shouted someone name and when they turned
    around it 'wasn't him' the deaf guy said "look" they turned
    around and there wasn't anything there, the none deaf guy
    said wow because he'd just fallen for his own game
    just a thought

  6. definitely not hugo getting cooper with the game, if you watch hugo is staring into the distance for some time before he says anything. then after cooper looks the first time it cuts to sara she says woah, and he double takes and says holy sh*t... all that for the game? and with sarah not ever being told about the game? She wasnt there in the kitchen with cooper and his dad when he explained it... which was the only time it was actually explained.

  7. Also with closed captioning the word "rumbling" appears at the point they are looking straight ahead.....the military perhaps or a "bugnami".