September 10, 2009

Quick Review: Murder Loves Killers Too (2009)

"This movie embodies the 80's Slasher perfectly; cheaply made and not so good, but packed with lots o' boobs and blood. How can you resist that?"
An old British narrator gives us some spiel about wild kids and how they're gonna die... enter a car full of sex-crazed, party-hungry kids driving to a getaway cabin to... wait. Why is the hot redhead screaming randomly? And what is she... is something wrong with her? You roofied her too early guys, now enjoy the annoying ride into the deep country with retard-o.

Seriously, WTF?!?
Once to the cabin, it takes about 4 minutes for someone to die, and another 2 for the second one to get bumped off... this killer wastes no time! There really is no plot here to speak of, hot chicks drinking, having sex, dying painfully... it's no-muss no-fuss slasher goodness (mostly) from here on out.

That is just cool.
This movie is like a lot of the stuff we watched in the 80's; I watch it now and cringe at how bad some of it is, but I still cant help but love loving it. This movie is obviously a goofy homage to the mindless slasher flicks of the 80's; the acting was average to poor, the chicks were hot, random drinking and sex took center stage, plenty of blood and violence... it all felt very familiar and very fun. 

On a side note, the movie was actually pretty intense once the final girl is all alone and being chased around, which surprised me since this was such a goofy movie.

That's the face every girl makes when they first see my "Lufa."
What was the purpose of the British narrator? That felt completely out of place and didn't belong at all. Someone's uncle must have needed a job.

Champ Kind?
What in the fuck was with the mentally-challenged chick in the back seat? Was this her first time outside of the house, ever? She literally screamed and acted like a spaz for her entire screen time... "Wooo!" (make odd face, pump fists) "Aaaah!" (pretend you're on meth, act insane.) It's a shame that such a hot chick died off so quick, but I was glad... she was maybe the worst character ever written for any movie ever.

Still, I'd like to see more of her in some other flicks. She's a QT.

All kinds of old school gore FX to be found here... it really did have an 80's feel to it.

We get one naked blond hotte, and it made me smile. The rest of the chicks were cute, alas, they remained clothed.

Never bang a guy wearing a jean-jacket vest. Never.
This was a cheap, poorly-made (for the most part) 80's slasher homage which I found to be a bunch of shameless fun. Clocking in at less than 1hr, 15 minutes long, you really can't really go wrong watching this one if you want some quick Horror fun.


Murder Loves Killers Too is available now on DVD.

Hotties. Hotties everywhere.

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