December 12, 2008

Solo Review: Wicked Lake (2008)

Sub-Genre- Crap  
In Attendance- Me... and that was one too many.
Cast Members of Note- Angela Bettis in a cameo? What was she thinking?!?

The first shot of this movie is a lingering view of a naked chick and her boobs... and for the next two minutes she rubs herself and acts like a slut, even going so far as to rub her "kitty" and say "It's laced with razor blades and It'll tear your dirty little cock apart!" Pure Cinematic Genius.

We follow that scene with a retarded guy who is dressed like Prince (shambling around like he just did a pound of crack, then hit himself in the face with a heavy pan 20 or 30 times), molesting some slut who is really a Witch... I think.

Even though a 4 girl lesbian orgy ensues, I won't even bother to discuss this movie any more.
What is he even doing?
Al Jourgensen of Ministry did the music for the film, which actually rocked.

Everything else.

Everything else. It's really that bad. This movie was either a joke, or somebody was being mean.

Just stop.
Plenty of gore, some of which actually looks good.

That's all this movie really is: hot, naked chicks that have sex with each other... including a 3 minute long lesbian sex orgy!

Not even that could save this movie.
"It's laced with razor blades and It'll tear your dirty little cock apart!" or an old man trying to mouth rape a girl yelling "Suck my nub!" Yeah.

Not one single thing.

Avoid this movie unless you enjoy being annoyed and wasting your money. Poorly made, horribly acted, terrible script... Wicked Lake gets the dreaded...

What a god awful mess. It's full of hot chicks though, so, there's that.


  1. I will avoid this one as well... thanks for the warning!

  2. I believe the normal formula for gracious amounts of nudity and sex of any kind in a horror movie, is that is HAS TO BE followed by mad violence and gore.

    This movie piled up on the first but didn't really deliver too good on the other for me.