December 18, 2008

Solo Review: The Mother of Tears (2008)

Sub-Genre- Italian Horror/Witches
Cast Members of Note- Asia Argento... mmm..., Daria Nicoldi (Asia's mom), and the ultra creepy Udo Kier!

A girl named Sarah Mandy (what a stupid name) stumbles upon the evil plot of Mater Lachrymarum; a Witch and the last of The Three Mothers, who is out to destroy Rome. Subsequently, she spends the entire movie getting random people killed because she can't leave well enough alone!

Mater Lachrymarum.
Eventually, all of Rome goes ape-shit and people start killing each other because they feel the evil effects of the Witch's evil, so maybe it isn't all Sarah Mandy's fault after all. Go ahead and say Sarah Mandy out loud... silly isn't it? It should be Sahratzi Mandizio or something... now that sounds Italian.

So we're treated to all kinds of death and mayhem, brutal murders, clueless Cops, naked Witches, orgies, ghosts, and creepy old men... I won't ruin the ending for you here, but suffice it to say that it's very sudden, and it left me saying "um... ok."

Don't ask.
A fitting end to the Three Mothers Trilogy started 30 years ago (Suspiria, Inferno), Mother of Tears didn't disappoint me at all. Sure, some of the acting and story elements were weak, but that's to be expected from Italian Horror, and Argento in particular. What's also to be expected is a dark, bloody, shocking and atmospheric trip into the world of the macabre, which is something Argento has seldom gotten wrong. I was actually surprised how graphically gory MOT was; I'd have to go through and watch most of his films again, but I'm fairly sure that this is one of his bloodiest ventures.

See, I told ya.
I've never really been creeped out by monkeys until now. Also, the acting in Italy hasn't really gotten much better over the years, has it?

Not you, Asia, you're fine.
What are you doing, little baby? You can't swim, you're a baby! *Also, they suck at protecting their own heads.

This little baby is about to get chucked into the Fiume Tevere.
This movie is a bloody bloodbath full of blood! Seriously, the gore is plentiful, and rather brutal... I'm proud of Argento for going all out on this one!

Stabbed in the chest and eyes gouged-out... and she looked so good naked.
Boobs and butts galore! I guess that Witches really like being naked... and having orgies.

The Mother of Tears is a freak!
"We all have one mother now... the Mother of Tears!"

Argento still has it. Mostly. Also, babies don't float.

"I wanna rock!"
I have to say that Mother of Tears reminds me of Argento films of old; bloody, gory, shocking, atmospheric, creepy... it's got all of the classic Italian Horror elements going for it. The Three Mothers Trilogy is one of the best Horror trilogies I've seen; make sure you see Suspiria and Inferno first, but definitely check this one out.


Mother of Tears is available now on DVD.

Asia Argento and her fine ass is in this!


  1. I certainly agree that this a strong Argento entry with plenty of gruesome bits, but the ending should have been so much more epic. I actually did a review of this movie for a zine, hopefully they use it.

  2. Yeah, the ending was definitely a bit of a letdown, but I did love the rest.

  3. Forget Asia... That chick playing the Mother of Tears should have been called Source of Hard-on, LOL...