December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here are a few fun New Year's Eve party games that will keep you entertained all night:

-You know that one girl you like? Well, now that your drunk, acting a fool, and she's looking at you with contempt in her eyes, run up to her, drop your pants, and gyrate your hips at her while screaming "Like it or not, you're getting this tonight!" Then get your bail money ready. Funny stuff though.

- Wear a leather fetish mask and stare at people from the corner all night, especially the women. If they go to leave, step in their way. They step to the side, you step to the side. Don't make a sound though, they cry faster if you're quiet.

-Try mixing 151 rum and Jim Beam... It's called Satan's Piss or something. Then, tell people it's pucker and rum... and watch as they realize that you lied to them! Good times.

-Tea-bagging someones drink is a fun drunk prank that practically everyone will enjoy! (Especially if there's hair or something solid in their drink afterward.

- Wait for people to walk to their cars, and step out of the bushes with your leather fetish mask on. Ask them, "Are you alone?" When they stammer for an answer, ask again, "Are you alone?!?" but this time pretend you're really anxious and angry.

Really, don't do any of these things (unless you're fun), just have a fun, safe, and happy New Years Eve!

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