December 16, 2008

Solo Review: Baby Blood (1990)

I was pretty sure that this was a National Geographic special about lava at first, but I was quickly set straight; it's about nature, and exploding leopards, and a talking tentacle monster that climbs into a woman's vagoo and mentally manipulates her into killing for it... 

It's also a story about a woman and her gestating mutant "baby." Like any expecting mother, Bianca needs to feed her little "mistake" so that it's born healthy. In this case, killing random men and feeding the baby blood seems to be for the best; it's either that or the baby will kill the mother from the inside, and that doesn't sound so fun for her at all. So she lures random men to their deaths, drinks their blood, and then goes to Lamaze class... 

I won't spoil the ending for you here, but let's just say that you don't want to piss of a newborn mutant baby... or it's overprotective Mother.

"Do not anger me!"
This little known gem of a Horror flick is definitely one that deserves to be seen by more people. Not only is it well made, and the plot is coherent and acting strong, but it's a celluloid bloodbath that any true Horror fan should eagerly lap up. How this movie was overlooked back in a time when Horror was nothing but lame sequels and not much else, is beyond me. 

I can't tell you how cool it was to hear Gary Oldman voice the evil baby (in the English Dubbed Version); it made and already cool movie an instant classic for me. His whispering menace actually creeped me out a little, reminding me in places of the Demonic voice from The Exorcist. The man only lent his voice to the movie and he still gave a stunning performance... he is my hero. 

Baby Blood is also one of the bloodier films that I think I've seen. It will certainly please the Gorehounds among us in any case, and may even cause some folks to look away.
Is there anything that this guy can't do?
Man, that jerk boyfriend made me wanna punch my TV screen. Then again, most of the guys in this movie were tools, and they all deserved what they got.

Why would you do that to a poor leopard? Bad mutant!

Poor bastard.
Gory is an understatement; exploding leopards, vicious stabbings, rolling heads, blood drinking, blood spraying everywhere... This one is a true Gorefest.

Emmanuelle Escourrou has awesome boobs, and likes showing them; also, her vagina and ass.

"I'll split your belly open. I'll rip you apart inside. I'll leave your body if you refuse to feed me." or "Take the knife! Take it!" Creepy stuff, especially with Oldman's voice.

Don't ever propose marriage to a French chick, because she'll likely stab you. Also, mutants like to go to the beach.

Mommy would do anything for her little baby skin.
This is a true gem of a Horror movie that you need to see asap. It's well made, gory, creepy, and Gary Oldman voices the evil baby... what are you waiting for?!? Go and get yourself a copy of this!


Baby Blood is available now on DVD.

Emmanuelle Escourrou may not be conventional looking, but she's hot none the less.


  1. Small Shiz Does This Look Awesome

  2. It was a pretty crazy cool movie, Anon.

  3. What a SICK and VERY COOL RIOT this one is. LOVE IT!!!