December 24, 2008

The Horror Hotties of 2008

Horror isn't all about blood and carnage, scares and terror... no, it's about beauty, too. Don't believe me? Well then tell me why every Horror movie ever (or at least most) has one or more gorgeous women in them?

The answer to that questions is probably "because guys like to ogle hot chicks, and will pay to see movies that show them in various stages of undress, behaving badly, and even dying painfully." It's really all fairly disturbing if you actually sit and think about it...

Any way you look at it, the Hotties of Horror make us smile, and make us enjoy the movies we that love even more. So let's celebrate them, shall we?

Be sure to click the pics for more on these Hotties, and their various projects.
True Blood is a pretty big thing now, and the ladies who populate Bon Temps are a big, big reason for the show's success. Let's be honest; True Blood is basically a soap opera that showcases just as much sex as it does Horror, so it's not like HBO is going to fill the cast with ugly people. Even so, we don't mind the eye candy.
There's not much about [REC] that is sexy, but that doesn't means that its star, Manuela Velasco isn't sexy anyway. She made the traumatic effects of the Spanish Zombie flick seem a bit prettier... alright, no she didn't, because that movie was just creepy and ugly! She sexy tho.
Amy Smart starred in both Mirrors and Seventh Moon this year, and looked incredibly sexy in both. Shame that her bath scene in Mirrors gave us such nightmares though...
Between Dexter and Quarantine, Jennifer Carpenter had herself a pretty busy year in 2008. There's just something that we love about Deb Morgan... maybe it's because she's so cute while being so dysfunctional?
Jill Wagner made quite a splash in 2008 by starring in Splinter; not only was it one of our favorite movies of the year, but it allowed us to put a name to the face of the smoking hot chick who used to star in those Mercury commercials. Thanks for that, Toby Wilkins.
Those poor, poor girls of The Ruins; all of that sexiness was just eaten away from them, literally. At least we got to see them be all sexy and whole for a little while...
Jamie Winstone may have starred in the fairly lackluster Donkey Punch this year, but it was her role in the British Zombie mini-series, Dead Set, that made us take true notice of her. She was hot in both though, so we're not complaining.
Jess Weixler had Teeth in her vagina in 2008, and still we were all about her. That either says a lot about her hotness, or a lot about our poor decision making abilities when it comes to women. Probably both.
Sure, the Prom Night remake mostly sucked, but you cant deny the hotness of its female cast members. Especially Brittany Snow. That girl is special.
Last but not least, we have Carissa Capobianco? Who? I know, she's lesser-known that the rest of our Hotties, but the girl looked damn good in Dance of the Dead, so here she is.

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