December 5, 2008

Review: Inside (A L'Interiéur) (2008)

Sub-Genre- Torture porn/Thriller
In Attendance- Me, The Vanilla Gorilla, Eryn, Machine, Geo, Chris, Susan, Michelle... both groups have seen this one.
Cast Member of Note- Beatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, and a French fetus.

This is a story about the miracle of life; a sweet, young French chick (Alysson Paradis) is knocked-up and just about to give birth, while another French chick (Beatrice Dalle) really wants to help her deliver the baby, in any way she can... or maybe she just wants to take the baby for herself, and kill a bunch of people in the process. Either way, it's really all about love.

This is not love.
The bond between two women can be an immeasurable thing; it can be a special, and an often-times precious thing. When one of the women is pregnant and about to give birth, that bond ascends to a new level. The Police can't interfere with it, nor can a Mother or a Boss... they all just die horribly if they do. What can come between two friends though, and ultimately destroy an entire relationship, is a pair of fucking scissors.

"Friendship's over, bitch!"
I'd love to ruin what happens next (especially the ending) for you here, because then I could share my thoughts on what and how everything in this movie unfolds, but I don't want to spoil your fun. By fun, I mean disgust and terror.

Um, she can see you.
I'll be damned if this movie took any more than 30 seconds to make me cringe; the opening credits even made my stomach start to churn. From the absolute beginning, this movie had me feeling uneasy, and as it went on, the unease turned to shock and eventually to genuine terror. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie that was this viscerally violent and hauntingly creepy all at the same time.

To say that Inside is full of blood and gore is almost funny; it's jam-packed with the stuff, and to the point where I turned from the screen on more than one occasion. The gore, coupled with the terrifying atmosphere and tension of the movie, should mess with even the toughest of Horror fans.

Who knew scissors were so multi-functional?
The claustrophobic feel of the house (where most of the movie takes place) adds to the tension and the overwhelming feeling of dread brought on by the circumstances that our main character finds herself in. The colors were bleak, the shadows were plenty, and the ghost of creeping doom was around every corner. Oh, and the last shot of the movie is truly haunting, and won't likely be leaving my mind for some time to come.

Beatrice Dalle's performance as "The Woman" was nothing short of amazing. She was crazed, ominous, terrifying and eventually sympathetic in a very odd way, and she kicked my ass for the entire time she was on screen. There is a scene where she is trying to get through a door to have at Alysson Paradis... I'll just say that it didn't look like acting to me.

No... not the cat too!!!!

Poor Henri. All he wanted was some catnip, and maybe a hug.
Fuck me sideways, this movie is mean-spirited and a tough watch. That's all I've got to say.

This was pretty much our reaction during this movie.
Vomit. Blood spray. Pregnant stomach stabbing. Nut-sack gouging. Scissor/face dancing... And that's only by the halfway mark... and it only gets worse. I don't want to say too much and give away the plot, but this movie will definitely turn stomachs.

The half-way mark.
Unless you count pregnant bellies as nudity, then no nudity. There is a creepy make out scene though...

Not hot.
Drive careful, forget the fuse box and run, and don't watch French Horror flicks if you want to sleep later that night.

Fuck me sideways
If you're any kind of a self-respecting Horror fan, this one is a must own. Beautifully shot, directed, acted and drenched in buckets of blood,  this is a complete Horror film in every way.


Inside is available now on DVD and VOD.

Ugly movies, pretty ladies.


  1. what you're basically saying is that this wouldn't be so fab to watch on a first date...?

    Damn. I knew that's why he didn't call me again.

    Nice review BTW :)

  2. Kick-ass review, for a kick-ass movie . . . .

    I do believe INSIDE could eventually end up on my Favorite Horror Films of All Time List.

    If nothing else, "La Femme" is quite possibly the most terrifying movie villain since Michael Myers in the original Halloween.

    Nothing scarier, IMO, than a psycho chick. And calling this character a "psycho chick" is like saying the Pope is "a little bit Catholic."



  3. Recently i was on my way home from work when some crackhead swung for my head with a rock just after asking me for a fag (cigarette, you know.)
    Well i was a little shaken up but unharmed, so i went home and watched Inside to take my mind off my near head fatality.
    It sure did the trick as the image of a pair of scissors sliding over a pregnant belly and stopping dead centre in the bellybutton. Now this image creeped me right out as i love probing (great word dat!) birds belly buttons with my tongue. I luv's it i do's. So seeing this atrocity just freaked me right out and still does.
    Excellent film full of head fatalities and had me on the edge throughout. I lent it to some christian African d00d from work. His wife walked out terrified and disturbed, no higher recommendation than that really!

  4. yep, i fucked up my name on that comment. Best i ask mum & dad for help next time.

  5. Loved this movie! Damn. Anytime somebody says, "They just don't make horror movies like they used to," I have to laugh. They haven't been keeping up.

  6. please..send me a mail, and tell me the whole story, the whole plot and film..I will never be able to watch it..I'm too sensitive and scared to try!!!!!

  7. I just watched this one yesterday and ho my it was brutal, the plot starts a little bit confusing it seems like some sort of home invasion but it never feels like that. There’s something missing and creepier about the fact that the perpetuator is a woman that keep me interested the whole time, it’s hard to describe it whit out spoiling anything, it just a great movie full of horror and decent gore, despite the fact that it has a few CGI moments (hate CGI in horror movies) I totally recommended.

  8. An excellent, but disturbing movie. We love it too.