December 17, 2008

2008's Horror Hottie of the Year: Anna Paquin

She may play a confused and annoying whore on HBO's True Blood, but Anna Paquin is a lady through and through; a sexy, dirty lady who likes girls and boys, and gets naked in front of the world, but a lady none the less.

Just please stop talking and focus on looking hot, alright?
2008 was definitely Anna Paquin's year; she not only starred in one of the most popular TV Shows of the year, True Blood, but she had a great role in one of the most acclaimed Horror flicks of the year as well, Trick R' Treat. She's also really hot.

Sookie Stackhouse is really hot, but really, really annoying.
Sookie Stackhouse truly makes True Blood what it is; she's sweet, demure, has supernatural powers, wears clingy outfits, falls in love with a vampire, and she ends up in all sorts of trouble from being covered in blood to being stalked by a serial killer. It's really her powers of hotness keep her alive through it all though, as who would want to kill such a cute girl? Plus, she gets naked a few times, so, bonus.

She'll pretty much bang anyone in Bon Temps.
Anna also has fun role in Trick R' Treat, which we won't talk about so as not to spoil the good stuff. Suffice it to say that she's a virgin out to pop her cherry who is being stalked by a masked creeper... and for the record, her cherry gets popped.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has seen Trick or Treat does nothing but rave about how great it is, and yet Warner Brothers has been toying with it and refusing to release it since 2006. More on that in another post coming soon.

Alright, this picture might be a slight spoiler...
So Anna Paquin is more than deserving of the title of Horror Hottie of 2008, because she's earned it with blood, sweat, and tears. And sexiness. And nudity.

Thanks for being a foxy little minx, Anna.


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