December 5, 2008

Blu-ray Essentials

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This is our personal Archive of the Horror Blu-ray's that are just too good not to own; they look great, sound great, and are jam-packed with extras that the Horror fanatic in us just can't resist.

Some we own because they're classics, others, because they look simply amazing in HD. Maybe they come with a wealth of extensive or great extras, or maybe we just love seeing Guilty Pleasures of year's past in the best format possible.

Some we bought on impulse, and can’t really explain why.

No matter the reason, these are the movies that we just had to own on Blu-ray. Yes, there are many more that we want for our collection, and yes, many of the ones that we do own haven't been given the "Blu-ray Specific" Review treatment from us yet, but we'll get there someday.

We'll update it once a week, maybe more if we get our hands on something we're truly geeked to talk about.

224aliened (1)224170Crystal Lake224dredded (2)ed (3)exorcistf13fbghHannibal 170170phan2224rr170 bluthe shining2224224170 x 267550 2
ownedbut282pk 5child2pk 32 pk2pk 23 pk30allamerican pamerican wbattlebigblack cbcrblade 1blade 2blade trinityburningcabinchildrencollcollectionconjuringdawndaydaybreakersdeaddevil'sdrag medriveeventevil deadfogfriday 2friday remakehalloween 1halloween 2halloween 3hanselhighhouse ofhousei saw the devilin the mouthlifeforcelost boysmy bloodynevernightnightparareanreturnscannersscream 1scream 4silsinisterSlumberstrangerstexasthingtouristtricktrolltuckerwitchwwzzodiaczombie170 x 224550 2MAIN550 2

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